A graduate of Queen’s University law school, Andrew Edgar also holds a double combined honours degree in history and political science from the University of Western Ontario. Andrew specializes in criminal law and has practiced it exclusively since 2005. He has defended cases across the province in both the Ontario Court and Superior Court, successfully representing clients with charges ranging from assault to murder, theft to robbery, and possession of marijuana to importing cocaine.

Andrew utilizes his vast knowledge of criminal law in combination with thousands of hours of courtroom and litigation experience in order to mount a formidable defence for his clients. He has represented clients with charges ranging from murder to assault, armed robbery to theft, and importing cocaine to possession of marijuana. Mr. Edgar’s attention to detail and zealous dedication to those he defends has achieved a multitude of case dismissals, withdrawals, and ‘not guilty’ verdicts for his many clients.

With his friendly and approachable demeanour, Andrew puts his clients at ease and is always available to answer questions. His personality combined with his legal expertise has built many strong relationships with Crown Attorneys and court staff.


Areas of Practice