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Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault

The Charges:

Domestic charges against spouse.

The Verdict:

Crown dropped charges in exchange for entering a peace bond.

H. was charged with domestic charges against his spouse. He was held for bail overnight and was released on conditions that prevented him from having any contact with his spouse or going to his home to see his children. H. and his wife had been happily married for 20 years, had 3 children and he had no criminal record. After being released on bail, H. contacted Andrew Edgar. On H’s first appearance in court, Mr. Edgar convinced the Crown to drop all the charges against him in exchange for H. entering a peace bond. Mr. Edgar was able to arrange everything to be done on that first day in court, which meant that H. was able to have communication with his wife and to go home that same day. H. was not found guilty of anything and kept his criminal record clean.

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