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Below is a list of Domestic Charges against Andrew Edgar defendants and their outcome. This is not a complete list, but rather some examples to demonstrate the different case types and the favourable verdict that he was able to achieve.


R v. A. R.

Charge: Charged with punching and cutting girlfriend with knife
Verdict: Client was found not guilty at trial

R v. J. G.

Charge: Client charged with assaulting girlfriend on multiple occasions
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at trial

R v. K. B.

Charge: Client charged with assault of wife
Verdict: Given absolute discharge

R v. A. H.

Charge: Client charged with assaulting girlfriend after night out at club
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after client entered into peace bond


R v. H. S.

Charge: Client charged with threatening to kill his wife in other language
Verdict: Crown accepted that cultural figure of speech and agreed to withdraw charge

R v. M. H.

Charge: Charged with threatening to kill and bury his girlfriend’s body
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after client entered peace bond

R v. R. H.

Charge: Client threatened to kill his wife
Verdict: Client found not guilty at the trial


R v. D. C.

Charge: Client charged with destroying boyfriend’s apartment
Verdict: Client given absolute discharge

R v. M. W.

Charge: Client charged with breaking window of family home and released on conditions to stay away from family and house
Verdict: Charge withdrawn on first day in court

R v. P. F.

Charge: Client charged with mischief after kicking in girlfriend’s door
Verdict: Damage repaired and charge withdrawn

Criminal Harassment

R v. M. K.

Charge: Charged with criminal harassment and breach of bail
Verdict: Charges withdrawn at trial

R v. S. A.

Charge: Charged with criminal harassment of ex-boyfriend
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. L. S.

Charge: Client charged with criminal harassment of ex girlfriend
Verdict: Charges withdrawn, cell phone that had been seized by police returned to client

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Andrew specializes in Criminal Law and has practiced it exclusively since 2005. He has successfully defended cases across the province in both the Ontario Court and Superior Court.

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