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Below is a list of Property Offences against Andrew Edgar defendants and their outcome. This is not a complete list, but rather some examples to demonstrate the different case types and the favourable verdict that he was able to achieve.


R v. P.H.

Charge: Client caught by security in the act while stealing from stores
Verdict: Client had long criminal record for similar offences but was facing deportation if convicted again. Client received absolute discharge allowing them to remain in the country.

R v. A.S.

Charge: Client charged with stealing $70,000 out of his friend’s uncle’s safe
Verdict: After cross-examining the witness and poking holes in the story at the trial the Crown dropped the case

R v. N.C.

Charge: Client was cleaning person at commercial buildings at night, charged with stealing cell phones and iPads from the offices
Verdict: Received discharge

R v. M.C.

Charge: Client charged with theft from LCBO
Verdict: Charge withdrawn when able to show that he didn’t pass point of sale on surveillance video

R v. F.N.

Charge: Client charged with theft of multiple motorcycles from underground garages
Verdict: Able to show search of the residence where the motorcycles were left was violation of accused rights and all charges withdrawn


R v. R.V.

Charge: Client charged with defrauding employer of $120,000
Verdict: Received suspended sentence and probation

R v. P.Z.

Charge: Client charged with obtaining false credit at a department store
Verdict: After making charitable donation crown withdrew the charge

R v. J.K.

Charge: Client charged with defrauding the bank of approx. $4,000
Verdict: Client given discharge for no criminal record

R v. N.H.

Charge: Client charged with involvement in defrauding their employer of 1.2 million dollars
Verdict: Client given conditional sentence to be served in the community at their home

R v. M.G.

Charge: Client charged with cashing fraudulent cheques at money mart
Verdict: Charges were withdrawn

Break and Enter

R v. R.A.

Charge: Client charged with breaking into residence while the owners were home
Verdict: Received suspended sentence and probation

R v. C.K.

Charge: Charged with break and enter after fingerprint found on window of home that was broken into
Verdict: Client found not guilty at trial

R v. M.G.

Charge: Client charged with break and enter to 7 different businesses
Verdict: Witness shown to be unreliable and surveillance video wasn’t completely clear. All charges withdrawn by the Crown.

Possession Proceeds of Crime

R v. E.A.

Charge: Client pulled over with $10,000 in cash in their pocket and no explanation for it
Verdict: Charges withdrawn and money returned to client

R v. K.H.

Charge: Client found at airport with $73,000 in their bag
Verdict: Charges withdrawn in Superior Court after preliminary hearing

R v. S.S.

Charge: Client charged with having $50 of buy money used by an undercover to purchase crack cocaine minutes before
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at preliminary hearing

Possession of Property Obtained by Crime

R v. D.S.

Charge: Charged with having cash and jewelry after police executed a search warrant at their residence
Verdict: Charges withdrawn

R v. C.W.

Charge: Charged with having 8 TV’s at his house that were stolen in commercial break after police executed search warrant
Verdict: Charges withdrawn

R v. M.W.

Charge: Client was charged with possession of property obtained by crime for having a bulldozer that was stolen
Verdict: Raised difficulties in him tying the bulldozer to the client – charges were withdrawn

Credit Card Offences

R v. J.N.

Charge: Client charged with possession of 7 fraudulent credit cards found in client’s vehicle
Verdict: All fraudulent credit card charges withdrawn

R v. F.Q.

Charge: Client charged with using fraudulent credit card to rent hotel room. Police found client in hotel room with credit card in his wallet.
Verdict: Charges withdrawn

R v. E.F.

Charge: Client used multiple fraudulent credit cards on multiple occasions at various different stores
Verdict: Charges withdrawn


R v. S.T.

Charge: Client was youth charged with robbing someone in conjunction with other youths
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. K.K.

Charge: Client charged with being the get away driver when 3 others entered store and robbed jewelry store at gun point
Verdict: Robbery dropped for charge of theft – given conditional sentence to be served in the community at their home

R v. J.W.

Charge: Client charged with robbing an individual at gunpoint in a vehicle
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after preliminary hearing

R v. S.M.

Charge: Client charged with multiple counts of robbery of individuals cell phones
Verdict: All charges withdrawn

R v. K.W.

Charge: Client charged with robbing another tenant of his apartment building
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at trial


R v. J.K.

Charge: Client charged with kicking in and smashing the door of a bar
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. K.V.

Charge: Client charged with throwing beer bottle through window of business while police watching
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after paying for damage

R v. S.A.

Charge: Client charged with spray painting a number of walls on public and private property
Verdict: Client received absolute discharge

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