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Below is a list of Driving Offence charges against Andrew Edgar defendants and their outcome. This is not a complete list, but rather some examples to demonstrate the different case types and the favourable verdict that he was able to achieve.

Dangerous Driving

R v. J.N.

Charge: Client charged with weaving through traffic, running stop sign, and almost hitting another car
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. M.S.

Charge: Client had been driving twice the speed limit, weaving through traffic and almost hit numerous cars
Verdict: Criminal charge dropped for plea to speeding under highway traffic act

R v. R.G.

Charge: Client charged with dangerous driving after leaving a party and almost hitting a number of party-goers
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

Impaired Driving/Over 80

R v. J.F.

Charge: Client had breath readings of 150 with minor accident
Verdict: Charge dropped for careless driving plea under highway traffic act

R v. G.S.

Charge: Client pulled over leaving bar, breath readings around 120
Verdict: Charge dropped for careless driving plea under highway traffic act

R v. M.N.

Charge: Client charged with impaired and over 80
Verdict: At trial able to establish that police did not have the proper grounds to make the client blow and insufficient evidence to establish the impaired. Client was acquitted of both charges

Flight from Police

R v. K.R.

Charge: Client charged after police tried to pull him over and fled
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after showing problems identifying the client as the driver

R v. T.H.

Charge: Client charged with flight from police after police came behind the client and tried to pull them over. After a chase the client pulled over.
Verdict: Criminal charge dropped to speeding offence under the highway traffic act

R v. J.D.

Charge: Client fled from police and finally located at a mall nearby
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

Leaving Scene of Accident

R v. M.M.

Charge: Client charged with leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a cyclist with his car and fleeing
Verdict: Able to establish a doubt about whether accused knew they hit the cyclist and charge was withdrawn

R v. J.S.

Charge: Client charged with leaving the scene of an accident after getting in collision at an intersection
Verdict: Client new to the country and demonstrated that they may have been confused about duty to remain at the scene. Charge withdrawn.

R v. O.S.

Charge: Client charged with leaving the scene after rear ending another vehicle
Verdict: Able to raise doubt over whether the client was the driver at the time and the charge was withdrawn

Refuse Breath Sample

R v. D.G.

Charge: Charged with refusing breath sample after being pulled over leaving the scene of an assault
Verdict: Charge withdrawn due to police failure to properly give client his rights on arrest

R v. S.J.

Charge: Client refused to blow into breath device at roadside
Verdict: Criminal charge dropped for plea to careless driving under the highway traffic act


R v. G.K.

Charge: Client pulled over at the border after leaving Buffalo Bills game. Client refused to blow in breathalyzer device
Verdict: After showing issues with the operation of the machine. Client found not guilty at trial.

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