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When I met with Andrew I felt very comfortable and he put me at ease. My life was on the line and other lawyers that I met didn’t seem to understand that. Andrew explained what was going on every step of the way and he was very easy to get along with. Ultimately, he managed to get the prosecutors to drop the charges against me and I cannot thank him enough.

—  S.T

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Below is a list of Violent Crimes against Andrew Edgar defendants and their outcome. This is not a complete list, but rather some examples to demonstrate the different case types and the favourable verdict that he was able to achieve.

Utter Threats

R v. M. H.

Charge: Client threatened to burn down his landlord’s house
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after client entered peace bond

R v. M. S

Charge: Client threatened to shoot his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at trial

R v. D. C.

Charge: Client threatened to kill her neighbor
Verdict: Client received absolute discharge

Assault Bodily Harm

R. v. R. H.

Charge: Client charged with breaking individuals jaw in fight at club
Verdict: Client received discharge

R v. J. H.

Charge: Client charged with badly injuring other individual in bar fight
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at trial

R v. M. S.

Charge: Client charged with assaulting individual with an object and causing serious injuries to the person’s face
Verdict: Client was acquitted after trial

Aggravated Assault

R v. B.D

Charge: Charged with slashing victim’s arm with broken beer bottle, victim needed 40 staples
Verdict: Suspended sentence and probation

R v. D. Y.

Charge: Client charged with stabbing someone in a catwalk after a bar altercation
Verdict: Charge withdrawn in Superior Court after preliminary hearing

R v. T. C.

Charge: Client charged with aggravated assault after a fight at club involving a number of people where the victim was very badly injured
Verdict: Charges withdrawn after client entered peace bond


R v. S. T.

Charge: Youth charged with robbing someone in conjunction with other youths
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. K. K.

Charge: Charged with being the get away driver when 3 others entered store and robbed jewelry store at gun point
Verdict: Robbery dropped for charge of theft, given conditional sentence to be served in the community

R v. J. W.

Charge: Charged with robbing an individual at gunpoint in a vehicle
Verdict: Charge withdrawn after preliminary hearing

R v. S. M.

Charge: client charged with multiple counts of robbery of individuals cell phones
Verdict: All charges withdrawn

R v. K. W.

Charge: Charged with robbing another tenant of his apartment building
Verdict: Charge withdrawn at trial


R v. K. W.

Charge: Youth charged with assault on his mother
Verdict: Charges withdrawn

R v. A. S.

Charge: Client charged with assaulting her cousin
Verdict: Acquitted at trial

R v. S. L.

Charge: Client charged with assaulting a security guard who became involved in trying to break up the fight with another individual he was fighting with.
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

Assault with a Weapon

R v. P. K.

Charge: Charged with attacking individual with baseball bat
Verdict: Found not guilty at trial

R v. J. D.

Charge: Charged with hitting individual with a chair at sport game
Verdict: Acquitted at trial

R v. J. W.

Charge: Charged with pulling knife and assaulting fellow employee
Verdict: Charges withdrawn for peace bond

Sexual Assault

R v. N. O.

Charge: Employee alleged that her boss had sexually assaulted her
Verdict: Charge withdrawn for peace bond

R v. S. C.

Charge: Charged with sexual assault and assault bodily harm. Crown position was 5 years in jail.
Verdict: Found not guilty of charges at trial

R v. M. K.

Charge: Charged with sexually assaulting his girlfriend at her workplace
Verdict: Client received absolute discharge at trial


R v. S. A

Charge: Charged with possessing loaded restricted firearm in a vehicle as well as other weapons offences
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. S. S.

Charge: Charged with possession of loaded restricted handgun found in his home after a search warrant
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

R v. K.W

Charge: Charged with possession of loaded restricted handgun that was found in his vehicle
Verdict: Charge withdrawn

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