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Defending Those Charged with Driving Offences in Brampton, Mississauga and All Courthouses in the GTA.

There is a large variety of driving offences for which an individual can be charged. The vast majority of these offences, such as speeding or failure to wear a seatbelt, are prosecuted under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

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However, more serious driving offences are prosecuted under the Criminal Code, and include: dangerous driving, flight from police, leaving the scene of an accident (when a person or vehicle is involved), and perhaps the most common, impaired driving (DUI) and driving with excess blood alcohol.

As these are considered crimes, the consequences can be severe; conviction can result in a criminal record and potentially jail. As well, these offences invariably involve a loss of the charged individual’s license to drive for a specific period. In our society, it’s important to understand that with our reliance on driving for employment and general ability to function in life, the suspension or loss of license is often the most detrimental aspect to being convicted of these charges.

Fortunately, it can be possible in driving offences/drunk driving or DUI charges to negotiate the charge being ‘dropped’ to a lesser charge under the highway traffic act to avoid the loss of license and criminal record in Canada. As well, there are a variety of technical defences that exist to fight impaired driving,  drinking and driving, DUI, or other traffic-related charges.


DUI lawyers can make a big difference in the final outcome. Don’t wait any longer to fight your case. For a FREE Consultation to discuss the next step in your defence, please contact our office at 905-598-5000. If your matter is urgent please call 416-564-8257 and we will get back to you promptly.

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When I met with Andrew I felt very comfortable and he put me at ease. My life was on the line and other lawyers that I met didn’t seem to understand that. Andrew explained what was going on every step of the way and he was very easy to get along with. Ultimately, he managed to get the prosecutors to drop the charges against me and I cannot thank him enough.

—  S.T

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