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Below is a list of Bail Hearings for defendants handled by Andrew Edgar and their outcome. This is not a complete list, but rather some examples to demonstrate the different case types and the favourable verdict that he was able to achieve.

Various Charges

R v. K.T.

Charge: Client was being held for bail by police
Verdict: Spoke to police and convinced the officer in charge to release the client given weaknesses in the case

R v. D.S.

Charge: Client was charged with possession of firearms and possession for the purpose of trafficking numerous types of drugs. Crown was strongly opposed to bail and wanted a special hearing set.
Verdict: After being hired, convinced the Crown to release the accused on consent without any surety having to testify

R v. M.N.

Charge: Client charged with 3 armed robberies of jewelry stores. Client being adjourned day after day with no progress on bail for 2 weeks.
Verdict: Hired and after a successful hearing obtained a release for the accused on the same day

R v. J.A.

Charge: Client charged with kidnapping and robbery with firearm
Verdict: Obtained bail in Superior Court – case is now a precedent for when outstanding bails remain in effect

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