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Domestic Assault

The Charges:

Domestic charges against spouse.

The Verdict:

Crown dropped charges in exchange for entering a peace bond.

H. was charged with domestic charges against his spouse. He was held for bail overnight and was released on conditions that prevented him from having any contact with his spouse or going to his home to see his children.


The Charges:

Charged with 2nd degree murder in a home invasion.

The Verdict:

Crown agreed to drop the charges before the preliminary hearing even began.

X. was charged with robbery, forcible confinement and murder in a home invasion. It was alleged that X. and other parties entered a home with the intent of robbing the inhabitants and in the course of the robbery one of the occupants was shot and killed.

Fraud Charges

The Charges:

Charged with falsifying loan documents for his involvement in a multi-million dollar scheme.

The Verdict:

Successfully secured a conditional discharge, which meant no criminal record and no conviction registered.

D. was charged with falsifying invoices in order to obtain government backed loans from the bank to make purchases of industrial equipment that were never actually made.

Importing Drugs

The Charges:

National of another country caught at the border importing over a kilogram of cocaine.

The Verdict:

At the one-day trial defendant was acquitted of the charge and was back home within days.

S. was caught at the Canadian border importing over a kilogram of cocaine from Jamaica. S. was a national of a foreign country and had no status or relatives in Canada, and could not get bail.

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