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Drugs Importation

Importing Drugs

The Charges:

National of another country caught at the border importing over a kilogram of cocaine.

The Verdict:

At the one-day trial defendant was acquitted of the charge and was back home within days.

S. was caught at the Canadian border importing over a kilogram of cocaine from Jamaica. S. was a national of a foreign country and had no status or relatives in Canada. As a result, S. could not get bail and was held in custody while he awaited trial. Mr. Edgar pushed the Crown to obtain disclosure at the earliest possible time. Within a few weeks of S’s arrest, Mr. Edgar had been able to complete a judicial pretrial and obtained the earliest possible trial date. At the trial, Mr. Edgar successfully raised a doubt about whether S. had knowledge of the cocaine in his suitcase and S. was acquitted of the charge. S. was back home within days of the verdict, is still allowed to travel to Canada, and after Mr. Edgar sent documents back to his home country regarding the acquittal, S. was given his job back.

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