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“Being accused of a criminal offence is a life-changing event with potentially serious and lasting consequences for you and your family. Choosing the perfect Brampton criminal lawyer is the most important decision you can make when you are accused of a criminal offence. The right attorney should not only be able to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case but also aid you in navigating the complex and sometimes overwhelming judicial system by explaining every step of the process.”

“My firm services Brampton, Mississauga, and all criminal courthouses in the Greater Toronto Area.”

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As a solicitor, I know your case is extremely important. Effective criminal law defence requires vast experience, no matter what crime you are charged with, in Brampton, or in any other area in Toronto.

I specialize in providing the very best criminal defence in many areas of the law, including domestic assault, theft, drug crimes, drug possession and trafficking, sexual assault, theft and property crimes, fraud, DUI and driving crimes, weapons charges, bail hearings, and more. No matter what crime you are charged with, I have the expertise to navigate the law on your behalf, reaching the best possible outcome.

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YOU WANT THE BEST! I am a dedicated, passionate and successful criminal, providing expert legal advice and protecting the rights of individuals accused of all criminal offences. By listening to my clients, analysing the evidence, and drawing on my wealth of experience, I develop successful defence strategies that are unique to each individual and each case. I will advocate passionately on your behalf to ensure your rights, record and freedom are protected.

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Areas of Practice

Domestic Charges Violent Crimes Drug Offences

Property Offences Driving Offences Bail Hearings

Client Testimonials

When I met with Andrew I felt very comfortable and he put me at ease. My life was on the line and other lawyers that I met didn’t seem to understand that. Andrew explained what was going on every step of the way and he was very easy to get along with. Ultimately, he managed to get the prosecutors to drop the charges against me and I cannot thank him enough.
– S. T.
I was innocent of assault on my wife and was told by other lawyers that the evidence against me was too strong and I should plead guilty and take deal of the Crown. I’m an immigrant to Canada so it was very important that I have no criminal record, and when I contacted Andrew I told him of this. Andrew won my case and I was found innocent and I have no problems with a criminal record.
– R. M.
I went into an LCBO and used a fake credit card to buy 2 bottles of Louis XIII Cognac. They had me on surveillance and two people picked me out of a line-up and they got my license plate. I was sitting right there in court and still have no idea how Andrew won the trial. I would recommend him to everybody.
– C. C
I've used Andrew for years. He is by far the best lawyer I have ever used. His communication with me is always top notch. He has always done a great job for me. He is currently working a new case for me and as always is doing a great job.
– S. M.